How to distinguish different types of fertilizer crusher?


 Fertilizer gcrusher is a kind of crushing machinery. You can use it to grind away lumps in the material. There are two places where you may use a fertilizer shredder during fertilizer production. First, you’ll need it when you’re fermenting organic material. Because the pulverizer can help you crush the raw materials, increase the fermentation area, and speed up the fermentation. Secondly, before using the organic fertilizer granulator machine, the fertilizer granulator machine price vary, and you will use a fertilizer grinder. For better granulation, you can use a fertilizer grinder to crush the powdered fertilizer.

When organic fertilizers organic fertilizer production:
The semi-wet material pulverizer is suitable for composting manure with a moisture content of 20%-50%. It uses high-speed rotating blades to achieve the breaking of lumps. Compared with ordinary crushers, this crushing equipment has better processing effect. In addition, its interior is lined with a high-strength lining to prolong its lifespan.
The new type of vertical pulverizer can be widely used in organic fertilizer pulverization, and it is an adjustable non-screen pulverizer. The shredder has special material shredding blades and viewing windows. The crushing process can be clearly observed, and the wearing parts can be replaced in time. 



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