How to do eDIS in Trade Circle?


“This video will show you how to set up an eDIS (Electronic Delivery Instruction Slip) in Trade Circle Application.

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To complete the eDIS process, as you have seen in the video, log in to the Trade Circle app, and go to the dashboard. Select the holdings option and choose the stock that you want to sell.

When a user does the first-time selling then they need to generate the TPIN. Transaction Personal Identification Number (TPIN) is generated by CDSL and directly communicated to the client on their registered mobile number.

Here, you can generate your TPIN by mentioning BO ID (Beneficiary Owner Identification) and PAN no. A user can get the BO ID from the back-end profile.

After generating the TPIN you can go to the holdings page, select the stock that you wish to sell, and mention the quantity. It redirects to the CDSL page, where you need to enter the TPIN that you have generated earlier and verify with the OTP. Great! You’ve successfully sold your stock.

That’s it! It is easy to do eDIS by using the Trade



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