How to dry and cool particles in compound fertilizer production line

In the process of compound fertilizer production line processing, it is necessary to dry and cool the materials. At this time, dryer, cooler and screening machine are needed. Many customers are not familiar with the fertilizer processing process. Here is how to dry and cool the materials in the organic fertilizer production line
The particles processed by NPK fertilizer granulator to be dried are transported to the feed inlet of the feeder by belt conveyor, and the granular materials flow into the drying cylinder along the feeder chute. The feeder is inlaid on the outside of the drying cylinder. With the overall rotation driven by the deceleration drive system, the granular materials move backward with the rotation of the drying cylinder, and the heated hot air is blown into the feeder end. It is in direct contact with the material of the drying cylinder to evaporate its water vapor and dry it. In the drying process, according to the drying degree of materials, the deceleration drive system can adjust the rotation speed through the frequency converter.

dry and cool particles in compound fertilizer production line

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