How to ferment domestic waste with chain plate composter


How to ferment domestic waste with chain plate composter

Garbage is a very common thing in people’s lives, such as leftovers from farmers’ markets, dead branches and leaves in urban parks, various animal excrement, various straws, etc. These things are low in price and have even brought many negative effects on our living environment. But you know what? Garbage can also be made into organic fertilizer. We can make full use of these “garbage” and ferment them into organic fertilizer with fertilizer fermenter.

The chain-plate tipper is a trough-type aerobic compost fermentation tipper that integrates the functions of tipper and material transfer. Its shape is similar to that of a mobile chain conveyor, which uses multi-tooth chain plates to break up and transport materials. During the continuous transportation and transfer of materials, loose materials fully contact with air to complete the whole fermentation process.

Principle of chain-plate stacker

In the process of tipping, the chain-plate tipping machine moves forward slowly. Its multiple-tooth chain plate disperses the bottom material and sends it away. The upper material will fall onto the inclined conveyor scraper continuously. The material will be broken up and mixed during the



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