How to further process powdery compost into granular organic fertilizer?


When it comes to organic fertilizer production, powdered fertilizers are usually sold in bulk at cheap prices. Further processing of powdered compost can increase its nutritional value by mixing it with other ingredients such as humic acid, benefiting both buyers (to promote crop growth with higher nutrient content) and investors (to sell at a more reasonable price). What is the production process of organic fertilizer granules? What organic fertilizer production equipment is needed?

-Mixed granulation-
During the mixing process, you can mix your compost powder with whatever ingredients you want to increase its nutritional value. The fertilizer granulator machine price varies depending on the model of the granulator. Organic fertilizer granulation is used to produce dust-free granules with controlled size and shape. The new granulation process adopts closed granulation (no respirable dust emission), large production capacity and short process time.
– Dry and cool
Almost all plants producing solid materials (powders and granules) use drying. Drying reduces the moisture content of the resulting organic fertilizer granules, while cooling lowers the high temperature to 30-40°C. The commercial granular organic fertilizer production line is equipped with a drum dryer and a drum cooler.



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