How to improve the crushing capacity of fertilizer crusher?


 The commercial organic fertilizer production process includes: organic material inoculation fermentation (pre-fermentation), main fermentation, crushing, compounding and mixing, drying, granulation, cooling, screening, metering packaging and other processes. The organic fertilizer production equipment mainly includes fermentation tanks, mixers, turning equipment, belt conveyors, drum screens, pulverizers, organic fertilizer granulator machine, etc. Crusher is an important equipment for raw material processing in the early stage.

1. Material selection is the core. Hardness needs to be paid attention to when selecting materials. The harder the material to crush, the more serious the damage to the equipment. Due to the damage to the equipment, the crushing speed slows down, and the crushing force is naturally smaller.
2. The humidity of the material is the key. When the moisture content of the material is high, the material is easy to adhere to the inside of the crusher, causing blockage during the material conveying process, thereby reducing the crushing capacity. Therefore, it is very necessary to reduce the moisture content of the material before crushing, so that the crusher can work better.
3. Composition of the material. Materials with more fine powder are not conducive to crushing. 



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