How to judge the solubility of particles produced by organic fertilizer granulator


After the organic fertilizer is processed by the fertilizer granulator, the fertilizer efficiency of the granular product lasts for a long time and has good solubility. So how to judge the quality of fertilizer products by judging the solubility of particles?

1. Appearance
The organic fertilizer processed by the fertilizer production line is grayish brown or dark black with loose powder, while the inferior organic fertilizer is bright black with dense powder. Fake and inferior organic fertilizer is often higher density than real organic fertilizer because it is mixed with more inferior impurities. Of course, under normal circumstances, a small amount of impurities is inevitable.

2. Dissolve with water

Dissolve about 30-50g organic fertilizer in transparent glass, stir with glass rod for 1 minute, and then let stand for 10 minutes. Pay attention to the color in the cup. The inferior organic fertilizer is still black and turbid, while the real organic fertilizer is completely fermented and decomposed after being treated by the dumper, and it will show different colors of brown from top to bottom. Most of the impurities deposited in the light gray area at the bottom of the cup



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