How to Make Animal Manure into Fertilizer by Organic Fertilizer Granulator


aking into account the use of efficient fertilizers and chemical pesticides, the continuous decline of organic content in soil, and the bleak situation of soil sales, crop yield, and low quality, the entire engineering and technical personnel and experts and professors of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences have developed a bio fertilizer granulator with chicken manure, pig manure, humic acid, and wastes with high organic content as the main raw materials through repeated tests, making contributions to the healthy development of agriculture.

1: Fermentation. The main function of the fermentation part of the organic fertilizer production line is to reduce the water content in the organic fertilizer raw materials at an early stage. The raw materials of organic fertilizers are mainly chicken manure, pig manure, sheep manure and other animal manure, cow manure and sheep manure, but the humidity of chicken manure and pig manure is too high. In particular, the initial humidity of chicken manure and pig manure is generally above. It is impossible to handle such high humidity in person. It must go through the fermentation tank. Generally, the humidity of fresh chicken manure can be reduced to below by fermenting for about a week.


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