How to make chicken manure management make more money?


Chicken manure into organic fertilizer. This is the best way to dispose of chicken manure. With the help of organic fertilizer production equipment, it is easy to make chicken manure into organic fertilizer. The chicken manure organic fertilizer production process includes: collecting chicken manure, composting fermentation system, granulation system and drying cooling, screening and packaging system.

• Composting and fermentation
The fermented chicken manure has no peculiar smell and can be used as a raw material for fertilizer. So you need to compost chicken manure. But it is convenient for you to use our fermentation composting equipment. You can use a variety of machines such as trench turners, wheel turners, track turners, chain turners and fermenters.
• Granulation
Composting chicken manure to produce granular fertilizer is a great way to increase your income. But if you want to make fertilizer granules, you need fertilizer granulator. Now, there are many granulators on the market, you can choose the granulator that suits your factory. It is a new type of organic fertilizer granulator, disc granulator machinenpk fertilizer granulator, drum granulator and disc granulator, and the fertilizer granulator machine price varies.



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