How to make organic fertilizer in sheep manure organic fertilizer equipment production line


Sheep dung can be used as fertilizer for crops and flowers. However, sheep dung can only be applied to farmland after it is fermented to obtain sheep dung organic fertilizer. Because sheep dung contains coliform, nematode and other bacteria and pests that are directly applied to farmland, which will lead to the spread of diseases and pests, crop disease, and also cause the phenomenon of burning roots and seedlings. Therefore, sheep dung needs to be fermented to be safer.

TheĀ fermentation process of sheep manure organic fertilizer: first, dry the cow manure to control its moisture content below 85%, and then add straw powder, the proportion of which is 7:3, so that the carbon ratio of raw material (cow manure) and auxiliary material (straw powder) is controlled at 23~28, and the water content is controlled at 52%~68%. Finally, add organic fertilizer fermentation and ripening agent.

After the raw materials, auxiliary materials and bacterial agents are mixed and stirred, they can be piled up for fermentation. The requirements for piling up are to pile the mixture on the fermentation ground into trapezoidal stacks with a width of 1.8 meters to 3 meters at the bottom,



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