How to make organic fertilizer when animal manure is too wet

With the development of intensive farming technology, many large-scale farms will focus on the treatment of manure, and then use organic fertilizer production equipment to make fertilizer. The harmless treatment of manure can solve the problem of reasonable discharge of poultry manure and increase part of income for the farm through manure.
But many farms, in the process of fermentation, will face the problem of high humidity of chicken manure raw materials, the moisture content of feces is too high, and the water content of fermentation is about 60%. The following NPK fertilizer granulator manufacturers summed up the following solutions:

1. Mix other auxiliary materials with high lignin content

The first is to adjust the water content and the second is to adjust the C / N ratio of chicken manure so that the C / N ratio of the total material is close to 25:1. Generally, the price of auxiliary materials is related to the abundance of local resources, and the materials with high lignin content such as mushroom residue, straw, litter, peanut shell, etc. can be selected.
manure make organic fertilizer

2. The old material is mixed with new material



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