How to process organic fertilizer in manure organic fertilizer production line


 The equipment composition of manure organic fertilizer production line (chicken manure organic fertilizer production line, pig manure organic fertilizer production line, cow manure organic fertilizer production line, sheep manure organic fertilizer production line): compost turner, grinder, mixer, screening machine, conveyor, organic fertilizer granulator, dryer, packaging machine.

If livestock manure is not treated in time, it will cause serious pollution to surface water, groundwater, soil and air. What’s more, for the convenience of transportation, the owners of small-scale farms simply piled up beef manure beside the road, without adopting scientific storage methods. Due to neglect of management, wind and rain, feces flow everywhere. This situation is not conducive to animal epidemic prevention requirements, but also will have a certain impact on people’s living environment. The harmless treatment of feces is to use the organic fertilizer production line to scientifically kill or remove pathogenic microorganisms and parasitic eggs in feces, and at the same time, it can preserve the fertilizer efficiency of feces, and the treated feces can meet the requirements of harmless health standards. At the same time, compost is further processed into high-efficiency fertilizer by rotary drum granulator and other equipment.
How does animal manure turn



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