How to produce high semi humid material pulverizer?


1. Excessive hardening of materials, excessive damage, and excessive polishing of equipment. The breaking speed is fast and the breaking capacity is relatively small. This is the material we choose according to our needs.
2. The viscosity of the material is high and the construction is convenient. The high-viscosity material is coated on the inner wall of the cavity with an adhesive. It is impossible and time-consuming to clean, and the second impact is the working efficiency of the pulverizer and the normal operation of the semi-wet material pulverizer.
3. In the process of organic fertilizer production, when the water content in the material is too high, the material is easy to block in the semi-wet mill, and the material is easy to block during the transportation process, resulting in a decrease in the breaking capacity. To solve this problem, first of all, when we choose materials, we care about the temperature of the materials. If the temperature of the material is too high, it can be used in the sun or in the wind, and the moisture content in the material is low.
4. When selecting materials, please pay attention to the high viscosity of the materials.



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