How to properly maintain the organic fertilizer granulator in chicken farms


Chicken manure has high nutrient content. It is suitable to be made into high-quality organic fertilizer through fertilizer granulator and other equipment. And the fertilizer granulator machine price is low, strong capability and high cost performance. How to maintain chicken manure organic fertilizer granulator in winter?

1. Low temperature and low frequency of use may cause the lubricating oil to freeze and stay, which will affect the lubricating oil supply of the organic fertilizer granulator. Timely adding lubricating oil to this large-scale organic fertilizer granulator can maintain better use effect.
2. Due to the climate and environment, the transmission parts of the organic fertilizer granulator will start slowly or fail to start due to freezing, which requires that the workplace of the fertilizer production line or the organic fertilizer granulator itself need to have certain insulation measures. The raw materials used in the organic fertilizer granulator should also be antifreeze treated. The moisture content of organic fertilizer raw materials is too large, so anti freezing treatment is also very important for the winter use of organic fertilizer granulator.


3. After each work, it is necessary to check and maintain the organic



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