How to properly store fertilizers?


The material is produced into granular fertilizer through a series of processing of organic fertilizer production line, fermentation turning machine, crusher, feeder, horizontal mixer, organic fertilizer granulator machine, dryer, cooler, and screening machine. How to store fertilizer correctly ? To prevent the fertilizer from absorbing moisture and losing nutrients? As a professional organic fertilizer machine manufacturers, some suggestions are for your reference.

Storage Instructions
. Make sure the fertilizer bag is tightly sealed.
. Choose a ventilated, impermeable, and clean room to store fertilizers.
. Use some bags on pallets or on linoleum in dry ground to keep the fertilizer from getting wet.
. Keep the storage room well ventilated and the relative humidity less than 70%. When the indoor temperature and humidity are higher than the outdoor, you can open the warehouse doors and windows in the sunny morning and evening for    natural ventilation adjustment. The above toxic organic fertilizers or compound fertilizers should be stored separately from ordinary fertilizers.
. Toxic organic fertilizers or compound fertilizers should be stored away from grain, seeds and other agricultural products, and masks and gloves should be worn when inspecting these fertilizers.



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