How to reduce equipment wear in the process of using roller granulator?


When producing the fertilizer into granulator,the fertilizer granulator mahine is the necessary equipment in the fertilizer manufacturing process. Specific fertilizer granulator machine price welcome to consult. Some fertilizer machine have some small parts need to be maintained in a certain time.The roller press granulator machine is a factor equipment in the granulator process,which it is usually to be used in npk fertilizer manufacturing process.How to reduce the wear of roller material in the process of using roller press granulator?

1. In the npk fertilizer production line of the granulation process,the roll surface will be gradually worn,so it is necessary to ensure that the material evenly enters the pelletizer along the roll length.
2. If the feed is not uniform,the roller surface will produce a ring groove,which will affect the normal operation of the granulator,and the product particle size is not uniform.
3. When feeding,the feeder should not only feed evenly and continuously,but also have the same length as the drum.
4. Sometimes there is a grinding wheel on the frame of the roller press granulator.When there are pits or grooves on the roller surface,the roll surface can be ground and repaired on the mahine or directly on



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