How to Reduce Noise of Organic Fertilizer Dryer


With the wide application of organic fertilizer dryer equipment, many customers reported that after using the organic fertilizer dryer equipment for a period of time, it will produce strong vibration and noise, which will do great harm to operators and the surrounding environment. As the manufacturer of organic fertilizer dryer equipment, here we take the rotary dryer as an example to introduce several good methods to effectively reduce noise.

  1. Add sound insulation cover. The whole rotary dryer is closed with steel structure skeleton, thin steel plate as shell, damping layer plastered inside and filled with ultra-fine glass wool or other sound absorbing materials. As the rotary dryer generates a lot of heat during operation, attention must be paid to solving the problems of heat dissipation in the hood and facilitating equipment maintenance.
  2. The noise level can be reduced by 9dB (A) if the manganese steel lining plate is replaced by the rubber lining plate, and the frequency spectrum characteristics also change from high frequency to low frequency.
  3. Set the elastic layer. A heat-resistant soft rubber pad is laid between the inner surface of the drum of the rotary dryer and the lining plate.



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