How to solve the vibration problem in the use of organic fertilizer granulator?


Organic fertilizer granulator machine is the core equipment in the organic fertilizer production line. If there is any problem with the granulator, we must solve it immediately, otherwise it will affect the smooth production of the whole organic fertilizer production line. In the use process, the organic fertilizer granulator has vibration problem, what should we do? The following organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers will explain the solution.

(1) When a large amount of raw materials are put into operation, it may cause too much pressure on the machine, which may cause vibration of the cylinder which has not yet been opened. Rotary drum granulator, organic fertilizer granulator, dryer these heavy fertilizer equipment should pay attention to start-up commissioning.
(2) If the raw materials selected in the production do not meet the requirements of fertilizer production process, the granulation will not succeed or even damage the equipment in the production process, which will not only cause vibration, but also affect the service life of the equipment
(3) When choosing organic fertilizer granulator, you must pay attention to its granulation principle. If you encounter technical problems that can not be solved in production, you can also directly consult



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