How to solve the wall sticking problem of drum granulator?


Huaqiang plant chemical fertilizer equipment rotary drum granulator solves the problem of wall sticking. Fertilizer drum steam granulation production process has greater output flexibility. The drum granulator is cylindrical and has good heat preservation effect. Using steam to increase the temperature of the material during granulation to meet the liquid phase required for granulation can greatly reduce the water content of the material during granulation, reduce the load of the dryer, and increase the output of the whole machine.

The granulation method of the rotary drum granulator, the double roller granulator adopts dry granulation, and the main working method of the drum granulator is wet granulation. After the base fertilizer is humidified by a certain amount of water or steam or gaseous ammonia or phosphoric acid or nitrogen solution in the cylinder, the compound fertilizer granulation process for chemical reaction and heat supply or the cold granulation process for a small amount of compound fertilizer adds water. Under the condition of temperature and humidity, with the help of the rotating motion of the cylinder, the material particles are squeezed and agglomerated into balls.



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