How to spot Replica Jeans and Original Jeans?


There are many brand companies that copy their original products to reduce costs and bring them to the common market. They may have designer outlet stores that sell original products and discount stores that sell replica designer jeans where people can’t afford the designer versions.

“Replica jeans” also refer to a replica of a certain style of jeans made by the same company many years ago because the originals are kept on file, such as the Homer Campbell jeans from the Levi Strauss Company. The story behind it is that a man named Homer Campbell wore these jeans in 1917 with some denim patches on his knees to make them last longer while he was working in the mines. After three years, the jeans started to break and he returned them to the business. The folks at Levi’s dug deeper and found that the denim patch might have been torn and frayed, but the original fabric on the knee was still intact. The jeans are still in the Levi’s archives, but replicas of the Campbell jeans have been made and remade 9,500 times.

Another type of imitation jeans refers to high quality replica jeans produced by non-brand companies without the consent of brand companies.


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