How to Stop a Dog from Doing What He Shouldn’t Do


Discover the non-violent mode of education most used in the world to stop a dog from doing what is causing the problem: counter conditioning.

No longer wanting to “stop”… and wanting to “replace”

What do people do most of the time when their dog behaves in a way that is bothering them? They try to suppress the behavior.

You did it, I did it, everyone has done it at least once in their life. It’s almost a reflex to try to stop unwanted behavior as it happens.

For example, I pull on the leash when my dog ​​pulls on the leash. We can all have reflexes to stop our dogs before it’s too late or avoid “scenes” and it’s not necessarily “unhealthy”.

When you operate this way, on a daily basis, you fall into a spiral.

Everything is there to make your dog fail and make you fail: the moment you intervene to stop the behavior, your dog is upset, overjoyed, frightened, overexcited… in short, he is acting under the influence of an emotion that he is unable to handle (this is very different from you and your own emotions).

This requires grumbling, bitching, yelling and/or using your physical strength, not necessarily to “violate” your dog, but



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