How to use fertilizer composter to process solid waste into fertilizer


 Measures to improve composting technology and quality of compost

Although the application of garbage compost can improve the soil and promote plant production, due to the composition of the garbage itself, the process is more professional in the fertilizer manufacturing process , which will also have a potential impact on the environment. The high cost of production, transportation and application, and poor economic benefits, restrict the application and development of compost. However, as a method of waste treatment and resource recovery, economic efficiency cannot be the only criterion for measuring, but to make it a promising method of garbage treatment, improving the composting process and improving the quality of composting are the main directions for future development.
Improvement of composting process
There is a long history of composting, and there are many technical processes. The treatment cost, treatment effect and compost quality of different process methods are different. Traditional anaerobic composting uses anaerobic microorganisms to complete the decomposition reaction. Air and compost are isolated, the temperature is low, the process is relatively simple, the nitrogen storage in the product is relatively large, but the composting cycle is too long, the odor is strong, and the decomposition is not Full substance. The



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