How to use organic fertilizer equipment to solve the pollution of livestock and poultry manure


The organic fertilizer equipment for livestock and poultry manure needs to be equipped with fermentation tossing machine, disc granulator, horizontal mixer, roller screening machine, semi wet material grinder, cooler, dryer, coating machine, automatic quantitative packaging machine and other equipment. The cow dung organic fertilizer equipment produced by our company is advanced in technology, energy saving and consumption reduction, reliable in operation, stable in operation, compact in process layout, scientific and reasonable, no three emissions, convenient in maintenance, and wide in raw material adaptability.

Pollution of livestock and poultry feces to soil: livestock and poultry farmers usually directly apply livestock and poultry feces to the farmland for the purpose of waste utilization. However, since the feces contain a large amount of sodium and potassium salts, the increase of sodium and potassium elements will damage the soil structure and lead to the decrease of soil permeability. In addition, livestock and poultry feed contains some metal trace elements, which are not absorbed by livestock and poultry and will be directly excreted through feces. If they act on farmland, they will seriously damage the soil and affect the output of the land.

There are many kinds of organic fertilizer



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