How to use organic fertilizer granulator to process animal manure to produce fertilizer?


 Current status of organic fertilizer manufacturing process abroad

The treatment of poultry manure in developed countries is usually towards industrialization, harmlessness, recycling, commercialization, compounding with large amounts of plant nutrients, crop specialization, multiple use and efficiency, simultaneous solid-liquid treatment, industrial technology,  biological treatment, and equal emphasis in the technology development. The development principle of livestock and poultry breeding is, first of all, beneficial to the use and treatment of manure. The breeding industry is mostly in the form of small and medium-sized individual farms, and the construction and design of livestock and poultry houses are conducive to the treatment of livestock and poultry manure and urine. To reduce the dilution of water to feces, which is beneficial to reduce the energy consumption in the process of manure water treatment. According to the water content of livestock and poultry manure, the treatment methods are mainly divided into dry manure removal and water flushing.


1. Dry cleaning method
(1) Compost. Use the scraping board and conveyor belt to store the feces in the empty mine site, and use them after piled. The United States and Russia use bedding grass or peat washer to transport the manure mixed with


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