How to use organic waste to make bio organic fertilizer?


The main raw materials are organic waste and functional microorganisms. Therefore, in the production process of biological fertilizer, it is necessary to add microorganisms to the organic fertilizer. In addition, the main production process of bio-organic fertilizer includes: raw material fermentation, fermented product crushing, adding live microorganisms (or bacteria) as fertilizer, mixing all raw materials, bio-organic fertilizer granulation, fertilizer screening and coating, etc. Therefore, the machines you will use include: compost turners, pulverizers, mixers, organic fertilizer granulator machine, drum screeners and coating machines, etc.

According to different needs, you can choose to add functional microorganisms during or after granulation. The order of adding functional microorganisms will affect the selection of equipment after granulation, but granulation is a key process in the production of granular bio-organic fertilizers. So you need to use granulation equipment to make granular bio-fertilizer. Now Huaqiang can provide you with different models of bio-organic fertilizer granulators. In addition, we also have drum mixing granulators, including wet mixing granulation and drum granulation. We also have new organic fertilizer granulator and disc granulator machine for your choice. Also, these types of granulators are suitable for wet granulation and the fertilizer granulator machine price vary.



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