Hypochlorous Acid Disinfection Misting Bots Machine


Product Name: Hypochlorous Acid Disinfection Misting Bots Machine

Company Name: Guangdong Unipin Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.

Address: 2-3, No. 6 Complex Building, (plot 5-1), Dadun Section, 105 National Highway, Honggang Community, Daliang St., Foshan, Guangdong, China

Description: We offer intelligent sterilization robot for indoor sterilization to airports,hospitals,schools,libraries,malls,hotels,restaurants,stadiums,office buildings and government establishments.A sanitizer robot can be manager 4000 square meters. Also the spray diameters can reach 2 meters. In the same time, the spray particles with disinfectant can be stay in the air for 2 hours.

Contact: wu lin

Telphone: 86-0757-1234567

Fax: 86-0757-1234567

Email: [email protected]

Company Website: http://www.unipinrobotics.com


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