IEBS emphasizes innovative solutions for enterprises to mitigate the key challenges in the F&B industry


After the global pandemic, people have become more concerned about what they consume daily. COVID-19 has indubitably shifted people’s focus on their health. The phenomenally increasing preference for fresh and natural food has urged F&B manufacturing and processing firms to avoid using synthetic ingredients such as preservatives, flavoring agents, and coloring agents in packaged food & beverages. The industry has been dealing with major setbacks after several regulatory norms supporting low sugar consumption were implemented. Besides this, volatile prices of resources, supply disruptions, and higher safety standards are some of the key factors that also alleviate industry growth. On the contrary, the wave of sustainable development is constructively transforming the F&B industry and helping businesses gain traction among their respective contenders.

Companies aiming to innovate, upgrade, or make their edible products sustainable by excluding or replacing some ingredients should focus on maintaining the item’s actual taste, texture, and flavor. Ingenious e-Brain Solutions enables F&B clients to recognize and select best-fit substitutes that would not alter the characteristics of the food items. Through our Technology Intelligence solutions, we assist clients in identifying & selecting cost-efficient production & processing technologies based on their production and supply capacity.


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