Importance of Understanding HL7 and How it works in the Healthcare Sector


You must have heard about the HL7 term if you are in the healthcare sector. With the rise and up-gradation of technologies, especially in healthcare sectors, certain standards were formed for the safety and facilitation of data of patients. HL7 is the updated version of the international standard, which is used for providing guidance when healthcare providers share data.

HL7 refers to Health Level 7. Formed by Health Level Seven International which is a non-profit organization, it provides a comprehensive and well-structured framework for the exchange, integration, implementation, sharing, and retrieval of the health information of people. Supported by various bodies in the healthcare sector, HL7 has been implanted and accepted by more than 1600 members in more than 50 countries. Various government stakeholders, payers, pharmaceutical employees, companies, vendors, firms, healthcare service providers, and more are affected by this standard.

Let’s have a deeper look at HL7.

What is HL7 and how does it work?

In the digital age, everything is data, and everything is connected. Medical information is now being stored in digital files meaning data. When


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