India Tractor Market Growth, Development and Demand Forecast Report 2030


The Tractor business has always been a barometer for the rural economy in India, which has traditionally been an agro-based economy. Indian tractor industry is comparatively very young but, still it has become the largest market globally as India produces over one-third of the total tractors produced worldwide.

Till 1960s, India used to import tractors to meet the demand of its people. The manufacturing of tractors began in 1961 in India. The country continued to import tractors from other countries to meet the demand up to 1976 and had reached just around 50,000 units in the early 1980s, but if we talk about today’s scenario the situation is different. Currently, India manufactures around 600,000 units of tractors every year. Not only is India fulfilling its demand for tractors but also exports to other countries.



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