Indoor and Outdoor Disinfection Channel Door


Product Name: Indoor and Outdoor Disinfection Channel Door

Company Name: Xiamen Guoante Security Equipment Co., Ltd

Address: No.2899 Dongfu Avenue, Haicang, Xiamen, Fujian Province, China

Description: 1. Intelligent thermometer, intelligent ID card check and intelligent dynamic code display are set at the entrance of the place disinfection door. 2. This disinfection door is equipped with a disinfectant atomization device, which can spray the atomized disinfectant, and a disinfectant tray is provided at the bottom, which can conduct all-round disinfection for the people or vehicles (two-wheeled motorcycle, shopping cart, baby carriage) in the booth. The system automatically saves the information of the people in the booth, and the data can be downloaded and exported.

Contact: Liny

Telphone: 86-592-6311012

Fax: 86-592-6311012

Email: [email protected]

Company Website:


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