Is it expensive to process pig manure through organic fertilizer equipment?


ig manure is a high-quality organic fertilizer processing material. How much pig manure can produce one ton of organic fertilizer depends on the water content in pig manure and the production method of pig manure organic fertilizer. The raw materials for processing pig manure and organic fertilizer in the organic fertilizer equipment processing plant are mostly purchased from the pig farm. The pig farm cleans up a large amount of pig manure, and generally uses water to flush the manure or a manure cleaner to clean the pig manure.

Cleaning up pig dung with water will lead to more water content in pig dung, and the water content will not increase with the dung cleaner. If the water content in pig dung reaches 50% – 60%, then about 2.5 tons of pig dung can produce one ton of finished organic fertilizer. The method to determine the water content in pig dung: knead it into a ball without dripping water, loosen it and disperse it, and loosen it with cracks. In this state, the following process steps can be performed.

Organic fertilizer equipment pig manure fermentation organic fertilizer method:

Prepare pig manure, straw and starter,


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