Is it feasible to build an organic fertilizer processing plant?


It is feasible to build an organic fertilizer equipment plant, because the policy of “replacing fertilizer with organic fertilizer” has been implemented nationwide, and the application of organic fertilizer is gradually increasing. Many investors want to seize this opportunity and invest in building organic fertilizer plants. To build an organic fertilizer plant, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive planning, clearly understand what is required to build an organic fertilizer processing plant, so as to successfully run the plant and deal with the problems in subsequent production. What are the requirements for building an organic fertilizer processing plant?

The location of the organic fertilizer equipment plant is very important and has a long-term impact. According to relevant regulations, the construction of organic fertilizer plants should be far away from residential areas, because odor and dust will be generated during production. If it is too close to the residential areas or is often located in the upper area, over time, it will directly affect the health of nearby residents, affect the normal production of the plant, and may also lead to failure to pass the environmental assessment.

Organic fertilizer equipment processing plant should be close to the origin of main



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