Is it profitable to set up an organic fertilizer equipment and fertilizer processing plant in the countryside?


The demand for fertilizer is increasing, and the country is now focusing on the development of organic agriculture. Therefore, opening an organic fertilizer equipment factory is a good project.

In terms of production scale alone, the small-scale organic fertilizer processing plant is based on an annual output of 10000 tons to 30000 tons, which is also the most selected production line scale for investors who are new to the industry. As a production line, it is not composed of single equipment or 2-3 equipment. The complete set of equipment is composed of many kinds of equipment. Their type selection, specification and quantity directly affect the final price of the production line. That is to say, the price of the production line with the same output is not the same, even very different. Under the same output, the powdery production line is much cheaper than the granular production line, but the corresponding powdery finished organic fertilizer is not as expensive and profitable as the granular organic fertilizer.

Cost input of organic fertilizer equipment:

In the production process of organic fertilizer, raw material costs, transportation costs, labor costs, packaging costs, etc. need to be considered. If we



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