Kazakhstan Ushers in New Oil Investment And Improves Its Oil & Gas Investment Laws

<strong>Kazakhstan Ushers in New Oil Investment And Improves Its Oil & Gas  Investment Laws</strong>

The oil and gas industry is the basis of Kazakhstan’s economy, and the current trend of higher oil prices has had a significant positive impact on the country’s economy. The new Tokayev leadership has improved Kazakhstan’s investment policy and introduced changes to legislation that make it more advantageous for foreign investment. Since access to fair dispute resolution is one of the most important conditions for investment, the Kazakhstan government focused on improving its rule of law and access to information and procedural integrity when it comes to oil and gas investing.

Cami Minaret Dome Kazakhstan

The list of top oil and gas companies in Kazakhstan is as follows: National Company JSC (KazMunayGas), Chevron Corporation., Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V., PJSC Gazprom., PJSC Lukoil Oil Company.


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