Key Considerations at Each Step of a JDE AP Automation Project.


Successful change management requires key considerations at each step of a JD Edwards AP Automation Project


During the development of an automation strategy, it’s important to identify pain points as well as top priorities for improvement.  Determine who will lead the automation effort (e.g., the accounting department or IT), how to tap the knowledge of process experts (internally or externally), and how the automation will affect current JD Edwards process and address “process unknowns.”



Before implementing an automated solution, it’s good to decide on how far you will go in optimizing their processes (e.g., which processes must be reengineered before implementation and which ones can be adapted over time), what technologies you will use and how the automated solution will be tested against the AP department’s business rules.  You should also have a plan for integrating the solution with JDE.  Another aspect to consider is how the automated AP solution will impact security and compliance, and whether data governance rules must be adjusted.



Once the AP automation solution is deployed, carefully consider how staff will be trained, how employee communications will be managed, the order in which processes will be automated (tip: look for ‘easy wins’).


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