Key points of common fertilizer application technology and fertilizer granulation equipment


Ammonium bicarbonate and diammonium phosphate are commonly used fertilizers in agriculture, which are processed by fertilizer production line. So what are the key points of fertilization technology in use?

It can be used as basal fertilizer in furrow. If it can be combined with deep application of cultivated land, its effect will be better. However, it should be noted that the depth of application should be greater than 6cm (sandy soil can be deeper), and the soil should be covered immediately after application, only in this way can the loss of nitrogen be reduced. When ammonium bicarbonate is used as topdressing, the dry land can be combined with intertillage. The depth of application should be less than 2 inches, and the soil should be covered immediately, and the water should be timely watered. The paddy field should keep a shallow water layer of about 1 inch, but not too shallow, otherwise it is easy to damage the root. After application, plough and rake in time to promote the fertilizer to be well absorbed by the soil.



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