Kusunoki Samurai Blockchain Driven RPG Game


Become a warrior who transcends dimensions.

Be it in the depths of the Underworld, in the limbo of the Otherworld, amidst the mundanity of the Earthly Realm, or in the divinity of Heaven; conquer the shadows and embody the spirit of the Kusunoki Samurai.

In the world of the mundane, Kusunoki Masashige gets the news that his brother is dead and was betrayed by his former allies and master. Bandits attack the village and Masashige is forced to bear arms and break out of his non-combatant shell.

Traversing into the deeper shadows of the realms, Tomoe Gozen wakes up in the Underworld. She is given a chance to redeem her karma by defeating 8,000 great demons in the Underworld;
Miyamoto Musashi is a guardian of the Otherworld, Musashi maintains the boundary, guides the souls in limbo, and keeps malevolent beings in line.


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