Large Quantity Crossed Roller Bearing RA RB RU Series In Stocks


Product Name: Large Quantity Crossed Roller Bearing RA RB RU Series In Stocks

Company Name: Luoyang Huigong Bearing Technology Co., Ltd

Address: No.999, Guanlin Road, Luolong District, Luoyang City, Henan province, China

Description: Rotation accuracy
There are spacer retainer among the rollers arranged vertically in the bearing, which can prevent the roller inclination and the friction among the rollers, and reduce the,friction torque; in addition, compared to the previously used steel cage, the roller contact or locking phenomenon at one side can be avoided; furthermore, because its inner (or outer) ring is a two- -divided structure, and the bearing clearance can be adjusted, the high accuracy rotation movement can be achieved, even if the preload is applied.
Use features
After the rollers and spacer retainer are installed, the two- -divided inner (or outer) ring is secured together with the cross roller shaft ring, to prevent separation from each other, so its mounting is easy. The use of the spacer retainer can avoid the friction among the rollers and prevent the roller inclination, so as to obtain a stable rotation torque.Since the rollers are staggered, only a erossed roller bearing assembly can carry loads in all directions, its rigidity can be inereased by 3 ~ 4 times compared with conventional type.

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