Learn Dutch Language | Best Dutch classes in Bangalore


Best Dutch classes in Bangalore. Speakeng India offers A1 to B2 Dutch language coaching as well as civic integration exam preparation. Dutch is the national language of the Netherlands and is a West Germanic language. It is also spoken in Belgium and Suriname, and there are around 22 million native speakers worldwide. Dutch has a similar vocabulary to English but is more closely related to German. It uses the same Roman alphabet as English. Dutch grammar is slightly more complicated than English grammar. Overall, if you know English, you have a good chance of picking up Dutch quickly. Aside from learning the most popular foreign languages, such as French, Spanish, and German, why not choose a less-travelled path? It undoubtedly has its own advantages. Enrol now!

Website: https://www.speakengindia.com/dutch-language-classes-in-bangalore/



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