Li-Fi a New Era of Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication


The demand for improved, faster, and more efficient modes of communication is increasing, and it is finding new applications every day.

A new mode of communication known as Li-Fi is being researched.

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication (V2V communication) is the wireless data exchange between motor vehicles. That enables the user to exchange information about various parameters of the cars like speed, location, and direction wirelessly. The V2V communication technology is helpful for the users to generate and receive signals/messages from all directions at speed up to 10 times per second, thus creating awareness about other vehicles present in proximity in any direction. The pertinent software/safety applications can utilize the signals from the vehicles nearby to detect any threat they pose. When any such threat is detected, the safety system triggers an alert signal in the form of a visual, tangible, or perceptible alert.

The range of V2V signals can be more than 300 meters and can sense any threat caused by traffic, terrain, or weather. The technology of V2V communication is not helpful for the users to survive a crash. Instead, it is beneficial to avoid one. This communication technology is not limited to only V2V but is varied to V2X, i.e., vehicle to everything.


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