Loofah natural sponge


Loofah exfoliating

Awesome Loofah is an USA located at Greensboro North Carolina and selling its product from USA. An awesome place to find your comfort. We provide the products including (loofahs-Luff -loofah sponge) that are soft, comfortable, and hygiene friendly. We take extra care of hygiene and cleanliness when we made loofah products that are used for bathing and massaging. Besides our raw loofah varieties, the products include spa slippers, flip flops, loofah bath sponge, loofah pads, loofah back scrubbers, loofah facial discs, loofah back straps, loofah facial buffs and more. The all natural and general-purpose loofahs we create are biodegradable that produce no harm to the environment. As it is a vegetable fiber, it is also harmless and strongly build its network when it has it fruit “in-growth” that makes them work longer.



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