Low Carbon Steel Checkerboard Checkered Steel Plate


Product Name: Low Carbon Steel Checkerboard Checkered Steel Plate

Company Name: Foshan Star-source Metal products Co.,Ltd.

Address: Foshan Lecong Iron and Steel World zone A fourth road

Description: The pattern roll is also known as the pattern steel roll, which is the steel roll with diamond shape or convex edge on its surface.The pattern plate is a steel plate with a pattern on the surface. The pattern is a mixture of lentil shape, diamond shape, round bean shape and flat circle shape.Generally speaking, the user on the mechanical properties of the pattern board, mechanical properties are not high, so the quality of the pattern board is mainly manifested in the pattern blossom rate, the pattern height, the pattern height difference.

Contact: Dione

Telphone: 86-86-757-28869310-86-757-28869310

Fax: 86-86-757-28869310-86-757-28869310

Email: [email protected]

Company Website: http://www.cnstarsource.com


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