M2 1.3343 SKH51 QT


Product Name: M2 1.3343 SKH51 QT

Company Name: Dalian Dongfei Special Steel Products Co.,Ltd

Address: No.21Taihe Street Development Zone Dalian,Liaoning Province, China

Description: M2 1.3343 SKH51 QT General cold work die steel with good machinability,to be made die casting mold,extrusion and injection mold and ejector pins,ejector sleeve,punches,block gauge,measuring tools.High wear resistance,high toughness,small deformation caused by heat treatment.Have a high and uniform hardness after heat treatment,heat resisting,resistance to high temperature oxidation,good toughness,machinability and weldability.Pre-hardened HRC 58-62.

Contact: Helen Lee

Telphone: 86-0411-39268379

Fax: 86-0411-39268388

Email: [email protected]

Company Website: http://www.specialsteelsgroup.com


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