Main characteristics of compound fertilizer processing equipment


Main characteristics of compound fertilizer processing equipment

There are two types of structures: steel frame platform type and floor type. The installation method is flexible and the floor area is small; The equipment is in line with modern technology and adopts computer automatic measurement of seasoning, with good seasoning accuracy, stable quality, good effect and low equipment investment. For customers who want to invest in this field and have limited funds, it is an economical and practical equipment, and the level of mechanization and automation is also high; The whole production line is reasonably equipped and applicable to all kinds of companies;

This is the standard complete set of fertilizer project designed by the company. It can be said that it is your ideal investment technology scheme, and it is also in a leading position in the same industry at home and abroad; The shell and lining of the whole set of equipment are made of industrial stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and has a long service life; The control box adopts anti-corrosion coating, which can be applied to chemical, fertilizer and other production environments in extreme environments; Unique anti-seismic equipment ensures accurate measurement, stable



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