Maintenance requirements of granulator equipment in organic fertilizer production line


The organic fertilizer production line mainly consists of five parts: raw material warehouse, belt conveyor, crushing, screening and packaging,; It is suitable for small and medium-sized organic fertilizer production process with compact layout, scientific and reasonable layout, advanced technology, energy saving and consumption reduction, no three emissions, stable operation, reliable operation and convenient maintenance, wide adaptability of raw materials, and suitable for various proportions of organic compound fertilizer, biological organic fertilizer, urban sludge, domestic waste organic fertilizer, etc. The designed annual production capacity is 1-100000 tons.

Maintenance requirements for organic fertilizer granulator

  1. Dust and other objects on the chassis plane of movable equipment shall be removed to avoid the machine. When encountering non fragile materials, the movable bearing cannot move on the underframe, causing serious accidents.
  2. If the bearing oil temperature rises, stop the machine immediately to check and eliminate the cause.
  3. In case of any impact sound of rotating gear during operation, stop the inspection immediately and eliminate it.
  4. The bearing of the bearing crusher bears all the loads of the machine, so good lubrication is closely related to the bearing life. It directly affects the service life and operation rate


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