Marina Berth


This last several years have seen a steady rise in yachting and naval tourism. The European Commission estimates that there are around 4,500 marinas across Europe, both on the coast and inland. More than 70,000 employment are supported by marinas, which produce close to € 4 billion in yearly revenue. The speed of technological innovation isn’t keeping up with the market’s growth and turnover. The design of a smart marina solution we’ve designed aims to increase service quality and efficiency while also making it easier for sailors to find vital information.

Problems that a smart Marina berth solution has to overcome
A digital smart marina may benefit both users and marina owners, but it might be difficult to implement. Many IoT devices (such as sensors for movement, wind, and water) must be integrated into these systems, which necessitates the use of real-time data flows as well as connections to other data sources like mobile phone sensors (GPS and/or Bluetooth). All these devices and protocols must be linked and integrated together in order to ensure scalability and responsiveness of the system.


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