Market Research Subscriptions from BIS Research


The best strategic value your organization can gain is through CMI subscriptions via a digital platform. BIS Research is the only organization In the world offering this. Our subscription offers are flexible and customizable.

Enlisted below are some of the popular options for you to consider:

  • Seamless access of all Reports
  • Seamless access of Reports from one or more specific verticals
  • Access to ‘X’ number of Reports.

These reports include those that are currently live, and even those which will get published in course of your subscription period. We can also accept suggestions of titles per your own specific needs. These and many other complimentary value benefits, such as consultations with global experts and/or our research analysts to latest thought leadership assets and insights are also available. Our sales representatives will be happy to customize an offer and provide you a free limited period access to our digital platform, InsightMonk.


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