Matters needing attention when selecting organic fertilizer crusher


The organic fertilizer grinder is the basic equipment for processing materials on the fertilizer production line. It is mainly used for crushing materials. After the materials are crushed, they can be fermented. So, what should be paid attention to when selecting the organic fertilizer grinder?

Problems in Selecting Organic Fertilizer Crusher

1. Determine the output of the complete set of organic fertilizer equipment: for example, the annual output is how many tons, or accurate to how many tons per hour, because some factories can maintain 365 days of production per year, while some factories can produce 300 days per year; Some plants can operate for 24 hours, while others can only operate for 8 hours, so it is necessary to specify the output per hour, and the matching equipment is more reasonable.

After market research, determine the required fertilizer production scale, and determine the appropriate production scale in combination with the market prospect and raw material supply.

2. Determine the shape of particles: powder, column, oblate or standard circle. The commonly used granulators are: disc granulator, stirring granulator, roller extrusion granulator, flat die granulator, annular membrane granulator. The selection of granulator shall be based on the local fertilizer sales market. The



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