Medicine Cabinet with Mirror and Lights


Product Name: Medicine Cabinet with Mirror and Lights

Company Name: Dheem

Address: No. 1 Xingfeng RD,Songxia Industrial Zone,Nanhai District,Foshan,China

Description: Mirrored medicine cabinets feature LED lights to create a beautiful storage solution that brings luxury and functionality to your bathroom. From a distance, the LED strip bezels give off an eye-catching modern glow. We use high-quality hinges and fittings that are rust-proof and durable, work smoothly and will not rust or deform, our mirrors also use the most advanced coating technology to resist oxidation, aluminum metal cabinets are more durable than traditional cabinets, this mirror cabinet The body strictly conforms to the waterproof IP44 standard, so there is no need to worry that the product cannot withstand the moisture in the bathroom. LED daily dimming light, the light can be adjusted from 10% – 100% brightness to the light feeling closest to natural light, bringing you a clearer and more delicate makeup experience. Enjoy the unparalleled spread of light on the face and body up close.

Contact: David

Telphone: 86-757-85239199

Fax: 86-757-85239189

Email: [email protected]

Company Website:


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