Menstrual Cups


There are many articles on the technicalities of using cups, the how’s why’s and what’s but hardly a few describing their actual journey to “cupverting”. I ever so often come across doubts, questions and fears among virgins about using a menstrual cup.  So I thought this piece might help people relate in some way and inspire them to take the plunge. So here’s my story, A Virgin’s Story.


I’ve been extensively researching online about menstrual cups ever since I got to know of their existence in October 2014.

I was absolutely fed up with the whole torture of periods. I’ve used sanitary napkins since I reached puberty at the age of 12 and it was utter harassment for me. (That was about 8 years of disposables then, and I’d still be grudgingly using them for 2 more years before finally finding a savior in the form of my first menstrual cup but more on that later). The constant chafing, the horrid odor, the all-consuming fear and possibility of staining while doing even the most mundane of tasks, had all really gotten to me. I hated periods, hated being a woman, abhorred the whole concept of menstruation and detested “The



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